French to English

Hafiz Karmali's translation of Mohammed Ali Amir-Moezzi's The Spirituality of Shi'i Islam: Beliefs and Practices was published by the IIS / I.B. Tauris.

Christian Jambet's introduction to Nasiruddin Tusi's Rawdat al-taslim as appeared in La Convocation d'Alamût, Verdier, 1996. Abridged version published as a Philosophical Commentary in Paradise of Submission, IIS, 2004.

Hafiz has translated a number of articles on Iranian culture for Encyclopaedia Iranica.

Other works

The Paradox of Monotheism; Ismaili Symbolism of the Cross by Henry Corbin for a website in his honor, Association des Amis de Henry et Stella Corbin.

Daniel De Smet's study of Fatimid philosopher Hamid ad-Dîn al-Kirmani, La Quiétude de l'Intellect, Peeters, 1995.

Translations forthcoming

Diane Steigerwald's monograph on Shahrastani's theosophy

Lectures du Coran by Mohammed Arkoun

An Introduction to Ismaili Philosophy by Daniel De Smet