Island of Animals

Once upon a time storm winds cast a ship of men from diverse nations on the shore of an island inhabited by animals living in peace and harmony. The men hunted the animals, convinced they held dominion over them. The animals then took their grievance to the wise King of the Jinn presiding over The Case of Animals versus Man.

Drawing from theatre traditions east & west including commedia dell arte, vaudeville, Khayal (the art of shadow puppetry evolved at Muslim court entertainments), and featuring world music, Island of Animals is an entertaining performance of cross-cultural dimensions. Adapted from the writings of the 10th Century philosophers, Ikhwan al-Safa, the writing emulates the famous Sanskrit Tales of Bidpai, (Kalila wa Dimna), and anticipates Attar's Conference of the Birds by at least one hundred years.

Island of AnimalsIsland of Animals

(Left) Golden Thread Productions, San Francisco, May 2006; (Right) Ismaili Centre, London (premier) 14th Feb. - 6th March 1998


Golden Thread Productions

Bay Times: Magic and Myth in Island of Animals